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13th April 2011
Insert Useful Title Here

I'm working on a new posting system for ease of updating the site. Let's see how it goes. Not going too bad so far.
Enjoy. ;)

13th April 2011
Planet(s) 1.0

You can download Planets from the link on the right. It's probably all my fault, but when I listed it on www.download.com I forgot to put an 's' on the end, so it's known to most people as Planet 1.0. Maybe if I ever update it (it's 11 years old now!), I'll rename it to Planet. It may also help with my file naming conventions, as planetsexe.zip doesn't pass some download filters because it has a naughty word in it...

13th April 2011
Trying out some Ads

I've put some Google Ads on the site to see if I get any money... here's hoping

13th April 2011
Some Sites of Mine

Exeter Gearbox Centre

13th April 2011

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